Plant Hugs

Plant Hugs

Plant Hugs an nft parody


Huggs is a plant that loves hugs


She hugs on sunny days


She hugs on rainy days


but will her friends let Huggs hug?


Will Greg let Huggs hug?


Yes. Leafy hugs are lovely


Will Jeff let Huggs hug?


Yes. Prickly hugs are precious


Will Clarissa let Huggs hug?


No. Clarissa does not want to hug and that's just fine


Will Bertha let Huggs hug?


Yes. Flower hugs are fabulous.


Does Huggs want a giant plant hug?




And is Clarissa ready for a pedal pat?


Yes. Yes. Yes.


The End


What is an NFT? An NFT is a method to prove ownership of a digital item using a blockchain. In fact, each character in this book is a unique NFT from the collection PlantSwap.



Plant Hugs is the first community led children's book to be published out of the PlantSwap ecosystem. Created by LowTide.eth using his NFT collection. 


Each page of Plant Hugs is listed as an NFT and can be found on OpenSea


The revenue generated from this project will be reinvested into a community fund that will print Plant Hugs into a board book and be distributed through Barnes & Nobles, Amazon and more. The remaining money in the fund will go toward supporting other projects, allowing collectors to monetize the IP they own through their NFT Collections. PlantSwap is the first of many to be featured in this project.


Please read this Medium article written by LowTide.eth to get full details on where this project is headed :

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