PlantSwap is a collection of 555 unique hand-drawn house plant NFTs based on the Ethereum Blockchain. Our initial 555 PlantSwap collection is establishing the foundation for the many creative projects we have in store for our tight-knit community. Grow with us.


Why Collect PlantSwap?

PlantSwap is a community driven, content producing creative studio delivering many surprises along the way!

Collectors gain partial ownership of the unique intellectual property

Full commercial rights are granted to each PlantSwap collector for the NFT they own

Revenue generated from PlantSwap NFT projects will be allocated back to the community through collector rewards when PlantSwap Seeds release

The collector rewards will be written into the smart contract

PlantSwap collectors are put onto the waitlist to receive a Free PlantSwap Seed NFT

PlantSwap Seeds evolve into a unique plant when you choose to burn a layer of your NFT

The more PlantSwap Seeds you hold, the more collector rewards you earn

Holiday airdrops will be distributed to collectors! More info in our Discord

All of the PlantSwap artwork is original IP created by internationally recognized artist, Aaron Gonzalez

plant swap nft artwork art drawing house plant opensea ethereum crypto cryptocurrency illustration design drawing aaron gonzalez


The first 50 PlantSwap collectors receive a Free PlantSwap NFT

The first 500 PlantSwap collectors will receive a free hardcover book filled with all 555 PlantSwap plants

Collectors are entered into raffles to win Free PlantSwap merch

PlantSwap collectors gain full commercial rights to use the PlantSwap NFTs they own. Get creative!

All collectors receive monthly free PlantSwap stickers. We ship internationally!


We are establishing a PlantSwap Community Bank with our initial 555 collection and will continue to add to it when we move into the next phase generative PlantSwap Seed project

PlantSwap Community Bank will fund the creative projects

Upon purchase, collectors get access to PlantSwap's secret email address

Email us to claim your Free PlantSwap stickers

We have a spreadsheet filled with all of our collectors which will be used for giveaways, distribution of free PlantSwap NFTs, distribution of our PlantSwap Seeds upon release and more


PlantSwap will begin sprouting August 31, 2021

PlantSwap plants will drop periodically until we reach 555 plants

How much?

0.01 - 0.055 Eth

How can I get a PlantSwap Plant?

PlantSwap is available now on OpenSea NFT Marketplace

What's PlantSwap's future?

PlantSwap's long term goal is to become a content producing creative studio, including projects such as an animated series, apparel, fine art, toys/sculpture and more!

Additionally, we will produce a full range of PlantSwap content and collaborate with various creatives

PlantSwap intends to reinvest in growing the IP both in the Metaverse and IRL

Airdrops will be sent out periodically to all PlantSwap collectors

Various PlantSwap spin-off collections will sprout throughout the upcoming months and years giving our early adopters benefits

Grow with our community

PlantSwap Promise

PlantSwap is fully dedicated to growing the PlantSwap brand. Our community is our top priority and we are incredibly grateful for all the support we've received at such an early stage. In addition to the collector rewards we will distribute when PlantSwap Seeds release, we plan to announce additional benefits for all PlantSwap collectors. PlantSwap will be a long term project that will continue to evolve, while keeping our community at the top of mind when making decisions about the brand.


For the past couple of years, PlantSwap's creator / founder Aaron Gonzalez, has been exploring and discovering the world of PlantSwap through drawings, paintings, animations, augmented reality and more. Take a deep dive through Aaron's TikTok and Instagram to experience the development of PlantSwap, long before this project was officially named PlantSwap.

After working on a project with Netflix, where Aaron designed animations for a documentary, he came to the realization that he has the potential to design his own animated series and create a strong intellectual property entirely in his aesthetic. PlantSwap is that IP.

Aaron has worked on creative projects for Rockefeller Center, Apple, Nike, Netflix, The City of LA, USC School of Medicine, Otis College of Art and Design and more. His work has been exhibited throughout Los Angeles, London and New York. In 2019, Aaron was recognized at the World Illustration Awards hosted by The Association of Illustrators in London. Aaron studied Communication Arts with an emphasis in Illustration at Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles (BFA '19).

This NFT collection is an opportunity for collectors to join a community of tight-knit NFT enthusiasts and be stakeholders in PlantSwap, a long term project Aaron is fully committed to growing for years to come. Grow with us.